Corporate Academia 2017: It’s More Full of Adjuncts!


Have a consciousness raising, satirical, ironic, laughing, not crying, carnivalesque Campus Equity Week!

87% adjuncts at San Diego Mesa College and growing…





3 thoughts on “Corporate Academia 2017: It’s More Full of Adjuncts!

  1. Adjunct faculty should unite and start their own universities. $1000/semester with 50 students is way more money than any Adjunct position you can get at a ‘brick and mortar’ university. The public is beginning to realize that with regards to that dream of ‘get an education to have a comfortable job and future’, though true from the 50’s to the 80’s has gone wrong.

    Publicly, and loudly denouncing the financial practices of the ‘brick and mortar’ universities, through well written, well animated youtube videos which describe ‘The Fall’ (believe me, the graphic artists are running lean and starving too). Decry the corruption of the university adminstration. Start directing public interest and attention to your ‘new lean education model’ which keeps the administration out, and the enlightened professors in.

    There’s the issue of accreditation. You know what happened with the ‘Credit Rating’ agencies in 2008? The Accreditation institutions have been in bed with the very same folks who are destroying the American University. What they offer no longer benefits the public which they purport to serve.

    Administrative bloat is already killing the ‘brick and mortar’ university, as we know it. Student enrollment is down. University debt is climbing.

    Knowledge is power, and though the Adjuncts may be poor of purse, they are strong in knowledge. Don’t let that knowledge fade into obscurity.

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