California Adjuncts (and Their Supporters), Help Yourselves: Send Governor Newsom a Letter

Hi All:

Below the sign out of this post, is a letter Adjunct Crisis is asking you to print out and send to Governor Newsom to the address listed on the letter.  It calls for 150 million dollars to set set aside from the existing Education budget for:

  1. More full time positions
  2. More money for paid part-time office hours
  3. Equity pay

The sum is based off of projections of what we estimate, in working with our AFT lobbyist, the state of California has.  We’ve been doing this since 2014, and each year, it has gotten more money for at least one of the three items.  This is direct action, and one even a harried adjunct going between multiple classes can do.

So what are you waiting for?  Print it out, fill it out, and send it.

Geoff Johnson

AFT-ACC President


Governor, State of California

State Capitol, First Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Part-time Community College Faculty

Dear Governor Newsom:

The efforts of yourself and the state legislature over the past year have demonstrated a strong desire for creating equity and opportunity in Higher Education for California’s lowest income families. Beside the improvements that need to be made to enable the students to have greater access to financial aid programs, and that public education funding needs to meet current and future costs, there remains the issue of adequate support for the faculty who directly provide.

As of Fall 2018, approximately 69% of California Community College instructors were employed “temporary” academics, or adjuncts, who were responsible for teaching 45% of instruction, according to the CCC Chancellor’s office.

These are instructors who are mostly paid only for their classroom time, at wages that are only a fraction of what the full-time counterparts make.  In addition, they with few exceptions have limited or no health benefits, and are hired on an at-will basis, with often limited rehire rights. Many suffer financial hardship, and often to rise above it, they are require to take on teaching assignments in multiple districts, and often have teaching loads in excess of their full-time counterparts.

These working conditions clearly impact adjunct instructor effectiveness, limiting the time they can either interact with their students, or connect with the curriculum, mission, and learning culture of their respective campuses.

Equally significant is that in higher proportions that their full-time colleagues, these adjuncts are people of color, immigrants, and women. Presently, 73% of California Community College s students are students of color, immigrants, or both.

A true commitment to equity and opportunity on California Community College Campuses means supporting these adjunct faculty so that they can better support their students. To do so, I ask you set aside $150 million dollars for:

  1. The conversion of part-time faculty to full-time, tenure track positions, following the recommendations of the Faculty and Staff Diversity Task Force.
  2. The state part-time office hours fund.
  3. Equity pay.

To push for true equity and opportunity, more than words are required.  Serious funding concerted and action is necessary.



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