NAWD Impressions Part II: The Rally at Southwestern

Good Adjuncts,

The rally at Southwestern was by any measure a resounding success.  We had hundreds of attendees, and over an hour into the rally (we ended up going over by more than a half hour), there were still over 100 people in attendance (and I don’t mean walk bys).  We signed so many letters (200+), that we actually ran out.

What was perhaps the most astonishing and moving thing was the parade of adjunct after adjunct who spoke so powerfully about their situation, their love of teaching, and the wrongs of adjunctification.  Notably, the tone was consistently positive.

It was the largest rally that Southwestern has seen in memory.

As I told the attendees when I closed the rally, “This rally is only the first page in a very long novel about social justice which will hopefully have a happy ending.  It is now upon all of us to be good authors.”

Geoff Johnson

A Good Adjunct


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