A Call to Action and A NAWD Primer

In a great, new article for the San Diego Free Press, Jim Miller, tenured English professor at San Diego City College, and Ian Duckles, adjunct philosophy professor everywhere, provide great historical context for NAWD.  Jim rightly observes that what has been happening to labor in academe has been happening to the workforce in America in general. This is the age of the precarious worker who lacks the financial means to resist the onslaught of policies that make income inequality the status quo. It is time to empower the precarious; in academe, this is the “exploited army of highly educated  part-time teachers” typically called adjuncts. Nationally, the adjunct army is rising to resist adjunctification. Tenured faculty, students, all precarious workers  and those who care about social justice are coming to their side. Truly, we’re all in this together.


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