NAWD Action Item #4: Make Stickers and Wear Them

Good Adjuncts:

We need visibility and it can’t just come from a teach-in in a lonely room, or a one-time protest in a main campus space.

Some of you, for one reason or another, cannot or do not want to participate in the latter, so, as with all of the action items I post here, is a small and easy thing one can do for oneself, while involving students, and in fact, anyone else who happens to agree that the conditions and practices of adjunctification need to end.

Make stickers, wear them and distribute them to others.

This is much better than going the button route.  Buttons are relatively expensive, and tear up people’s clothes.  Stickers are by and large the opposite.

Below are the designs for ones we are ostensibly using as San Diego Mesa and Southwestern Community Colleges in San Diego and Chula Vista respectively.  For those blog readers who are at either of those colleges, I should have them out in about a week.

I’m hoping to get a few people wearing them before the 25th so that we can get others to buy in on the big day.

By the way, if you don’t like these designs, then by all means make your own.

Geoff Johnson

The “Good” Adjunct

sticker cut


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