Adjunct Humor


  1. Why did the adjunct cross the road?

Actually, he only got to cross 40% of the road, followed by another adjunct, who crossed 40%, followed by another adjunct who did the remaining 20%.  This way, the college would not have to pay for an ambulance when the president ran over their asses with a car.

  1. How many adjuncts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One, but don’t expect to get service credit, and no, it won’t help you get a full-time job.

  1. What’s the difference between a caged animal an adjunct?

The animal usually tries to run away from the cage when you open it.  The adjunct spends years studying hard so that they can get in it, prays hard he or she won’t get kicked out of it, and somehow still has hopes he or she will get to sleep inside the house with the other household pets.

  1. Knock, knock

     Who’s there?


(long pause)

….Thank for your application, after careful consideration you were not selected….



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