What’s in a Title? Are New Titles for Adjuncts Just Lipstick on a Pig?

See John Rall’s article: “An Adjunct by Any Other Name”.


At least I have a new title. At least I can get new business cards.

Sara Jerde has an article at the Chronicle of Higher Education describing university efforts to mollify adjuncts at their schools by giving them new titles.  To make adjunct positions more palatable, universities are now playing the title game.  Schools such as Grossmont College in California have created new adjunct titles.  Instead of just being an “adjunct,” contingent faculty start as adjunct assistant professor and they can work up to an adjunct associate professor or even an adjunct professor.

Do these new titles mean anything to the contingent faculty at Grossmont or was it simply slapping lipstick on a pig?  The new titles do not give contingent faculty better salaries or benefits.  In other words, it is the classic “new title, more work, no extra pay” game that has been played for years in the private sector.  You may not be able to…

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