First AFT #Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Caucus #aft14!

Mobilization is happening!

National Mobilization For Equity

AFT14,BillLipkin.CFC Interim Chair Bill Lipkin

This evening saw the first ever gathering of AFT’s Contingent Caucus.

It was organized by Bill Lipkin and attended by about 40 AFT contingent members and allies from around the country. Margaret Hanzimanolis acted as secretary.

This historic event will help to give contingent faculty a greater voice within the union of 1.6 million members, of whom perhaps 100,000 are contingent academics in higher education. Thanks to Bill, Richard Gomes and Margaret Hanzimanolis for pulling this off—it’s been a long time coming!

Yesterday and today saw the unanimous approval of a number of excellent resolutions that pertain directly to contingents. More to follow.

LR: Margaret Hanzimanoulis, Bill Lipkin, Richard Gomez L-R: Margaret Hanzimanolis (CA), Bill Lipkin (NJ), Richard Gomes (NJ)

from Peter D.G. Brown, New Paltz, originally posted to the adj-l listserv

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