Late Night Questions

How much good has civilization lost as a result of adjunctification?

How many brilliant teachers have left or are leaving higher education because they have been disenfranchised?

How many brilliant teachers have struggled and are struggling to live while struggleing to work two or three jobs, whose professional practice must be parceled out itinerantly from place to place?

How many lives have not been touched by these brilliant teachers who have been disenfranchised by a system that exploits their wish to do good, whose scramble from campus to campus and semester to semester denies them the opportunity to work deeply with students and to touch their lives, and to change the world with the same force as if they had been fully enfranchised by the institution of higher education?

How much good has been lost, in spite of the brilliance of these teachers, who have for decades taught most college students, as a result of adjunctification?

How can this loss be measured or grasped? In loss of soul?

Will civilization survive the adjunctification of higher education?


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