Who wants to marry the tenure track?


Getting a tenure track job, in your city of choice, is a lot like being a desperate suitor for an ugly, socially challenged, filthy rich jacka$$. You wouldn’t even think of looking at some of these jobs had they been in a different location like the Midwest (sorry Midwesterners, it’s not personal). You wouldn’t even sneeze at any other profession that offered you the same working conditions and pay. But you, and a hoard of other extremely accomplished and talented academics, are willing to gamble your highest earning years, sacrifice your family & loved ones, jeopardize your health and mental wellbeing, compromise your principles, degrade yourselves and pull each other’s hairs all for the chance of being picked by this ugly filthy rich jacka$$ who might marry you with a prenup agreement, and dump you in 5-7 years (if you are not putting out enough…publications) with no penny to your…

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