Here I go, SJW-ing it up again!


When, oh when, will I get rid of the “female chip on my shoulder” and stop being such a goddamned anti-racist feminist–you know, someone who believes women & PoC are people, and worse yet, acknowledges structural bias (some of which has quite recognizably aided me in my life)?!?!?!?

My latest column on Slate is about how in the corporatized, adjunctified university, nobody knows what to call their instructors anymore, and so it’s important for said instructors to spell it out and be patient when they forget (and, also, to make sure the disrespectful know when they are being disrespectful, intentionally or not).

I, personally, prefer “Dr. Schuman” in most contexts (I didn’t spend 7 years in Evil Graduate School for nothing), but “Rebecca” if the institution has a first-name policy (such as the Pierre Laclede Honors College!). If a student calls me “Rebecca” off the bat, that doesn’t actually bother…

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