The Wal-Mart-ization of higher education: How young professors are getting screwed

More and more faculty at America’s colleges and universities are underpaid and undervalued. Can that change?

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by Keith Hoeller.

“Tenure is becoming extinct and nearly every week somebody publishes a story asking “Is College Worth It?” Still feeling the effects of the 2007–2009 recession, the answer appears increasingly to be “No!” It certainly isn’t worth it for the millions of students who forgo income and incur student debt to obtain a graduate degree in the humanities, only to find that there are no tenure-track jobs, and that their only options are one-year appointments or a lifetime of part-time teaching in the academic ghetto.”

Excerpted from “Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System,” edited by Keith Hoeller. Copyright © 2014 Reprinted by arrangement with Vanderbilt University. All rights reserved.


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