An Apology for Link Problems: Please Check Out Older Posts

Dear “Good Adjuncts”

A number of recent reblogs by me had link troubles, so that when you went to look at them, in the words of George Castanza, you “got nothing”.  Sorry.  I have since fixed the problem. I would encourage those of you who are new to the blog to check out the older reblogs, or if you’ve been here before, to go back and take a look.

Those of us who are running the blog are trying to put up stuff here daily.  As we (basically a trio of educated grade slaves) are like the rest of you, working roughly hours and seven days a week, we aren’t always able to generate our own original content, but we hope to be one of but many nexuses to put light on the issue and affect change.

Anyway, enjoy (, maybe not the right word…)

Geoff Johnson

The “Good” Adjunct


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