An Update to the Previous Entry: It Gets Worse

Dear “Good” Adjuncts:

Things actually got worse.  Apparently management had decided that “one” class means any class under 2.4 credits.  Being that 95% of classes at my unnamed institution are between three and five units, it effectively means that break-in-service or no, there are, if the arbitration mediator so allows for management’s interpretation of the contract, no rehire rights.

To add insult to injury here, when previous union execs members were called in to meet with the mediator under oath and testify as to what was actually meant when the rehire/vesting language was written, they stated they did in fact mean classes under 2.5 credits.  WTF?

This means that these members (all full-timers) intended to establish a rehire policy that was never realistically going to actually give adjuncts rehire rights.

I feel like a cheap date in a dark room.  I don’t know who’s going to screw me.

Geoff Johnson

The “good” adjunct



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