Innovation–Doomed to Fail?

Innovation–Doomed to Fail?

This is an important issue and why the adjunct crisis is a tenured crisis.

No matter what pedagogical innovation is tried, it will not change anything as long as the overwhelming majority of the faculty are disempowered.  From what I’ve seen, tenured ranks are such a skeleton-crew, innovations increase exploitation of adjuncts.  There is no one else to do the work.  For instance, the implementation of portfolio writing pedagogies require more time out of the classroom (the only time most adjunct are paid for), which in turn requires adjuncts to “volunteer” more unpaid hours.  We do indeed need a new employment practice.  The absurd practice of  search committees looking for the “best” candidate was a good idea in the middle of the 20th century, perhaps, but it is as appropriate for the current situation (75% adjunct) as a Model T car on the freeway. In efforts like the AFT FACE campaign, we need to emphasize the transition of adjuncts into full-time positions.  This is the only way that would not do massive injustice to that 75%. The adjuncts who are rehired routinely over years clearly are the “best” candidates.  It would be a simple matter to offer full-time positions, based on seniority, and whatever other criteria deemed necessary, to qualified adjuncts. How is this not the best way?


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