Professors on Food Stamps

Professors on Food Stamps

Several Years ago, as a union rep, I had to seek emergency funding for one of my fellow colleagues, (a Ph.D. holder) who had three kids aged from 8 to 17 and was living out of a station wagon.  I have had serious discussions with adjuncts on several occasions about buying professional-looking clothing at thrift stores like Amvets and the Salvation Army, and had the pleasure of waiting for an hour in front of a free clinic holding my then sick and crying four-year old waiting to get him checked because I didn’t have insurance covering him.  This may be old news, but it’s a current and growing problem.


2 thoughts on “Professors on Food Stamps

  1. This indeed is the world of the vast majority of the adjunct nation. Even with healthcare, a rare thing among adjunct nationwide but a thing available to “repeat” adjunct at SDCCD, not having enough money to meet basic needs is a gross injustice. This is an excellent link; unfortunately, the matter is becoming only more timely.


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