An Adjunct Speaks His Truth

Adjunct Joe Fruscione speaks eloquent, bitter truth about the burden of being adjunct and the possibility of leaving the profession. His story personalizes the myth of the adjunct. So many of us know this truth. The question is, what viable, reasonable options are there for him? But another, deeper question is what would it be like to leave? Fruscione contemplates that it would be “bittersweet.” I wonder how many times in life we actually experience that emotion? If you’re an adjunct, you live it.


One thought on “An Adjunct Speaks His Truth

  1. Thanks for posting this interview. I think that one of the worst parts of adjunct work, for many of us, is not only being isolated but also being in direct competition with other faculty. This candid appraisal is a welcome voice that we don’t often get to hear because of that isolation and competition.


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