NPR report on tragic adjunct death: we are Margaret Mary

I was reading the long stream of 370 comments that followed the article and was struck by a number of posters who comment that adjuncts were more or less fools for taking the job. I read things like, “Why not quit?”  We all have to be aware that many comments are not thoughtful. It doesn’t take much to blurt out a shallow opinion from an egocentric position. The truth of the matter is that many adjuncts think of quitting all the time, but it is easier to think of it than it is to actually go out and find a better job. Further, most adjuncts are living in a delusion that if they work hard enough, then a full time job will be around the corner; after all, they are highly qualified for the position.  Adjuncts don’t quit because they love teaching, because it is noble and healthy for their conscience as opposed to the vast majority of people who follow an amoral (immoral) economy, an economy that prefers bomb builders. Adjuncts don’t quit because they are tied to the very need of the paycheck and there is no savings to carry them from one job to the next. Adjuncts are poor unless there is pre-existing family wealth or their spouse carries a larger purse. Adjuncts don’t quit because they are fighters, dreaming of the day that they might stand up and fight the just war against the exploitation of themselves and their communities.  Sadly, they continue to lose the battles. But how can you ask them to quit when those battles are for the very hearts, minds, and souls of our children?

John D. Rall -A Good Adjunct


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