Colorado Lawmakers Take Up Sweeping Overhaul of Adjunct Working Conditions

Colorado Lawmakers Take Up Sweeping Overhaul of Adjucnt Working Conditions

We need this true pay equity in California. If I work a 60% assignment, why shouldn’t I receive 60% of a full-time salary? As it is, I receive about 30% of a full-time salary with the same degree and experience. How much is committee work worth? It seems to me that, even though it is necessary, committee work isn’t what is important in higher education.

Part-Time Professors Demand Higher Pay; Will Colleges Listen?

The following is an NPR New piece from Feb. 3rd, 2014.  I particular, I was struck by the following in the piece:

“We have to stop hiding in the shadows,” Maisto said. “We have to not be ashamed to tell our stories.”

Maria Maisto is an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College and president of the national support group New Faculty Majority.

Claudio Sanchez/NPR

She says adjuncts here get about $8 an hour. A tall gangly man approached her, pecked at the calculator on his smartphone, and said Maisto’s figures were wrong. That was Rudy Stralka, a well-regarded, full-time, tenured business professor at Cuyahoga. He says adjuncts make $22 to $23 an hour, and if you do the math, adjuncts are paid fairly — $160 per class in Maisto’s case.

Maisto said she teaches one class that meets for three hours a week; Stralka said that’s $26 an hour.

But that’s not the case if you count the extra hours outside the classroom that adjuncts are not paid for, said Maisto. Those include preparing for class, grading papers, advising students — part-time professors absolutely get no more than $8 an hour, she says. Stralka wasn’t convinced, but he said even if adjuncts are right, their message is falling on deaf ears.

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Adjunct Labor Discussion with Noam Chomsky

Tonight (3/4/14) at 5:30 (check time) a web-discussion with Noam Chomsky is taking place in the realms of Facebook through

America’s foremost public intellectual, Noam Chomsky, will be joining us via Skype for a discussion on the state of part-time labor in higher education. All adjuncts and allies are welcome!!

Hosted by: Adjunct Faculty Association  of the United Steel Workers union.

Invisible, in Life as Well as Death.

Adjunct invisibility takes many forms. Even when adjuncts are welcomed by tenured in the department at which they work, adjunct issues are invisible. Adjuncts fear being marked as complainers or offending administrators.

modern disappointment.

Empty Casket

By Kareme D’Wheat

When I read Jay Atkinson’s account in the Boston Globe of the forgotten and overlooked adjunct who died without so much as a consolatory flower arrangement, I could easily see this happening to me.

While discussing it with a fellow educator, what struck us as especially tragic is the fact that major life events—events that mark and enrich our lives—are completely ignored by our employers and colleagues when we live an adjunct lifestyle.

As far as major life events go, I’ve had no less than 3 babies during my work as an adjunct. Most of my colleagues did not acknowledge it. Worse yet, those that did marked my motherhood as a possible conflict of interests when considering my availability to teach.

I had my last baby one month before a fellow pregnant teacher, a tenured faculty member, had hers. I sent an email to my boss announcing…

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